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What to Do if your Wireless Printer Does Not Connect

Wireless Printer Troubleshooting

Common Printer Issues

Wireless printers are a boon from modern technology, especially in large offices where the printers are placed too far away to get up and walk to each time you want to print something. However, printers are electronics, and like all others, they can malfunction due to some technical issue or other.

Sometimes, no amount of adherence to the user manual’s instructions can spare you the frustration of not being able to print an important document. Following are some wireless printer troubleshooting tips you can use when you find your wireless printer offline.

Power Cycle it

This is the fancy name for switching something off and back on when it starts acting up. It has been known to fix many a malfunctioning wireless printer, and definitely resolves the smaller problems such as short circuits, memory leaks, and overheating. Power cycling also lets the printer set up a new connection with the PC or device.

Check the Router Settings

If your router settings were not correct, the printer would not be able to connect to the PC. Check if that is the case by firing up the browser and typing in the IP address of your router. If you cannot find this, check the documentation that came with the product. As long as you never changed it yourself, the original username and password should still be in use. Try admin and password respectively, and see if that works. If not, reset the router by pressing the Reset button somewhere on the modem.

After getting access to the router’s settings, find the section titled Security, and if you cannot, check for Wireless. Bring the settings back to default so that the printer is able to connect more easily.

Restore Router Settings

  • Include 802.11g: If the router is filtering MAC addresses, and 802.11n is the only mode that has been selected, see if you can change the router to a setting that covers 802.11g. Having most of the other modes present does not matter as much as having 802.11g enabled.
  • Set the right frequency. The router may be set for just the 5 GHz frequency, and many wireless printers cannot connect to this. The 2.4 GHz frequency band, on the other hand, is one that most printers are compatible with, and you can ensure this is available by using a dual band router.
  • Manually reset the channel on the router. On most routers, the default channel setting is at Auto, which lets the router select the right channel. The most advisable setting is a channel that very few of the other networks in the area are using, as well as at least five channels from your neighbors’. Most people who try wireless printer troubleshooting find that channels 1, 11, and 6 work best.
  • Disable wireless isolation mode: This is a setting, which stops wireless devices from interacting with each other over a network. Disable this so that your printer resumes functioning the way it should.
  • Enable DHCP: If your DHCP is disabled, the printer cannot acquire an IP address to communicate over your network. That may be the reason it did not show up as connected and simply stopped working. Enable the DHCP setting, and then try reconnecting and see if the issue persists.
  • Stop using a guest connection: The wireless router may have set up a guest connection, and either the computer or the printer may have connected to this. It is standard for any device connected as a guest to be isolated from the others on the network, which is why wireless printing has not been an option.
  • Do a firmware update: The router may be operating on old firmware that does not support the printer you are using. Check the user manual and find out how to upgrade the firmware, and if you need special instruction from your ISP in case you got the equipment from the, call them up and ask for assistance.

Fix Firewall Issues

  • When your PC is connected to the network, set the firewall security level to Medium. Use a Trusted Zone while connected, if there is one. If you changed the setting since the original installation and the adjustments are confusing, just reset them to default.

Windows Firewall Access

  • Enable alerts from your firewall, and Unblock, Allow, or Permit the connection when the right one comes up. Choose Yes for Remember This Action, so that you this does not bother you the next time.

Firewall Security Alert

  • Do not have more than one firewall enabled at any time. Not only does this not make your computer safer, it may actually be the reason you ended up needing wireless printer troubleshooting in the first place.

These are just some of the things you can do to fix your wireless printer when it fails to connect, although in all fairness, it often takes a certified printer expert to deliver results, and we have a whole team of them. Call us on (844) 203-9964 to get rid of your problem once and for all.

Steps to Manually Install a Canon i960 on a Mac

The Printer Is Not Responding Mac

Manually Install Printer

It is pretty simple setting up a printer on a Mac. What most people have an issue with is the machine malfunctioning for no apparent reason. Whenever the printer is not responding Mac users tend to call for technical assistance, which is always a good idea, especially when they are not well versed in tackling the issue themselves.

To normally install a Canon i960 printer, you only need to connect it to the Mac, turn it on, and allow the computer to automatically install the new peripheral. The automatic method works almost every time, but there is the chance that it will not, in which case you get stuck having to install the printer manually. Assuming you do not require canon printer repair, following are the steps (in three sets) you need to follow to manually install a Canon i960 printer on a Mac. These should work for Yosemite and older versions of OS X.

Setting it Up in the Printer & Scanner Preference Pane

  • Connect the printer and the Mac with a USB cable.
  • Ensure the printer is configured rightly in terms of ink and paper.
  • Turn it on.

System Preferences

  • Bring up System Preferences by selecting this from the main menu. Alternatively, choose System Preferences from the dock.
  • Select the preference pan marked Printers & Scanners.
  • See if your printer is listed here. If yes, skip to the final set of steps.

If the Printer is Not Listed

  • Hit the plus (+) button next to the bottom left corner of the sidebar, to start the process of adding the printer.

Printer & Scanner

  • A new Add window comes up. Here, choose the Default
  • This will show your printer in the list of those already connected to the Mac. Choose the one you are going to install, which in this case is a Canon i960.

Add Printer

  • Wait for the bottom part of the window to fill with information regarding the printer, such as its name, location, and assigned driver.
  • Your Mac is meant to auto-select the driver for the printer, following which the name of the driver should show up. If you see that, then skip ahead to the final set of steps. If you see Choose a Driver instead, move on to the next step.
  • If your computer could not find a suitable driver, maybe you can do that. Click on Use: and then Select Software. This will bring up the Printer Software
  • Move down and locate a driver that matches the model of your printer. If there is no specific driver you can use, try a generic one instead. If you do find a specific driver, choose it and hit OK. After that, hit Add, and then skip ahead to the final set of steps.
  • If the list shows no matching printer driver software, try visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading the most recent version they have put up for your particular printer model. The Canon i960 has a driver for OS X Snow Leopard, for instance, but this may work with other versions of the OS if you are willing to take the risk of installing it.
  • Install by following the prompts, and once that is done, go back to the preference pan marked Printers & Scanners. If you made no mistakes, the printer should now be visible in the sidebar. Skip ahead to the final set of steps.
  • If the printer failed to be automatically added to the list, repeat this set of steps until that is taken care of.

Making Sure the Printer is Working

  • You have either hit the Add button or auto-added the printer somehow. At this point, you are ready to find out whether the peripheral is working.
  • Bring up the preference pan marked Printers & Scanners.
  • Choose your particular printer from the sidebar, and wait for information about it to fill the right-hand portion of the window.

Canon i960 Install

  • Hit the Open Print Queue
  • This will bring up the Print Queue Choose Printer out of the menu bar, and then hit Print Test Page.
  • This will bring up a test page in queue window, and it will get sent to the printer to check if the latter is working. This may take some time, so be patient. Most printers carry out calibrations before making their first print, so find something to occupy yourself while that is happening.
  • If the test print comes out fine, your printer is all set to use.

After performing all the steps mentioned above, if the printer is not responding Mac users should call for technical assistance. You can call us for that as well as other printer-related problems at 844-203-1881.

3 Common HP Printer Problems Resolved

HP Printer Not Printing Anything

Troubleshooting HP Printer

Computer printers are one of the necessary and handy electronic devices out there. Most businesses heavily rely on this electronic gadget to meet their work needs. This is because computer printers allow businesses to easily print documents to a usable format. HP is one of the leading manufacturers of computer printers and millions of users from all over the world use HP printers.

Most of the HP printers offer reliable and satisfactory performance and they help customers to print tons of documents every day. However, just like any other electronic device, HP printers also encounter issues from time to time. HP printer not printing anything issue is one of the frustrating HP printer problems that affect of thousands of users.

It is true that issues like HP printer not printing anything can be annoying when you are at something urgent, but they can be easily resolved through simple troubleshooting steps. Unfortunately, several computer users do not know how to perform these HP printer troubleshooting steps. In such a situation, it is best to contact our printer support technicians, and we will help you through the process.

Below are some of the common HP printer issues that you may experience with your HP printer. As said, these can be resolved easily if you followed the steps mentioned here to the point. Yet again, it is always better to rely on printer tech support experts, if you do not know what you are dealing with.

Paper Jams

One of the most common issues with HP printers is paper jams. Paper jam is a term that is used to describe a situation when printing materials (it may or may not be paper literally) get lodged or stuck into a computer printer. Users who experience this printer error will not be able to eject or remove the printing material. This means that the entire printing operations of your business will come to a halt if you encounter paper jams.

If you fail to regularly clean and maintain your printer or if you unintentionally use a wrong type of paper, then you may experience this HP printer issue. However, using the correct paper type and properly cleaning your printer at regular intervals will help you to stay away from this annoying HP printer error.

Printer Spooler Error

Paper Jamming Issues

Some HP printer models are a little bit more susceptible to paper jams. For instance, HP printers that vertically hold the paper and pull it down through the device will certainly encounter paper jam issues occasionally. These models are not suitable for heavy use. So, if you are using such a printer in your office for heavy printing tasks, consider replacing them with newer HP printer models.


Ghosting is often regarded as one of the most annoying HP printer issues, which puts the printing operations of an office to a halt. Ghosting is actually a condition in which images get printed without any issue but the frustrating part is that low-quality image or text from the main document may also appear in the final output. These issues are usually predominant in the case of LaserJet printers.

Usually, ghosting issues in computer printers happen when there is an issue with the power port, which is providing power to the device. So, users who experience this issue should initially plug in the printer to a different power source. You also need to reboot the computer as well as the connected devices to see if that works.

Another important thing users should note is that the consumable parts in your printer such as the imaging kit and drum can be used for printing a certain amount of pages. If you have already exceeded the number of pages, then you might need to replace all those consumable parts in order to solve the ghosting issue.

Printer Driver Issues

A recent survey revealed that many computer users are not bothered to update the apps and other programs in their PCs to the latest version. Shockingly, most of the computer printer issues that you are experiencing might be due to the use of an obsolete printer driver. This means that updating the printer driver of your computer to the latest available version might help you to fix at least a few of the HP printer problems.

HP Printer Problems

Common Printer Issues

Note that if you have recently updated the operating system of your computer to Windows 10, then you might not be able to print documents either. This is because the printer driver, that you used in the older versions of Windows are not supported by the new operating system. You need to install the latest printer driver updates available to fix the issue.

If you are not able to find the latest version of the driver or continue to experience printer driver issues even after updating the driver, you should get in touch with our printer support professionals for assistance. The problem might be due to an incompatible software or a malware issue, in which case, it is better to leave the troubleshooting part to the experts.

How to Fix Printer is Printing Two Copies Error

Canon Printer Repair

Common Printer Issues

Most of the businesses in the country heavily rely on computer printers to meet their daily work target and monthly business goals. Today, any business that is trying to survive without a printer and a computer is often considered old-fashioned, by both customers and competitors. So, it is best to use these two devices, as it will help you to increase the productivity of your employees.

Unfortunately, several small-scale businesses often fail to realize the need to use modern printers and they continue to rely on old printers. One of the major issues with old-age computer printers is that they are too slow. In fact, modern printers can offer 100 sheets per minute speed, which means that you will be able to print tons of documents in just a few hours. So, it is best to invest in a most modern computer printer that comes with new handy features and options.

In addition to that, most businesses that are using old computer printers will face numerous printer issues at regular intervals. If that is the case, you might have to seek the help of expert Canon printer repair technicians to fix the issue. Fortunately, you will be easily able to avoid such hassles by switching to a new computer printer.

The Two Copies Printing Issue

Several computer printer users who updated the operating system of their device to Windows 10 complained that their printer is always printing two copies whenever they run a print job. Computer printer errors such as printer not responding error and multiple copies are very common, and they can be easily fixed through a few simple troubleshooting steps.

If you are new to the world of printer troubleshooting, reach out to a Canon printer repair technician for help. Computer users who have a rough idea on how to fix printer printing multiple copies error and printer not responding error should try the following troubleshooting steps.

Change the Number of Copies

  • Press the Windows button on your keyboard and then type in Control Panel into the search box. Click on the Control Panel option and then proceed to the next step.
  • Look for Hardware and Sound option in the Control Panel window and then select it.

Control Panel

  • You will now need to locate the Devices and Printer option in the next screen.

Hardware And Sound

  • Click on Printer Properties and then select Number of Copies. If the number of copies is set to 2, change it to 1.

Printer Properties

You will now need to run a test print job to see whether the printer is printing two copies error is fixed. If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

Uncheck Enable Bidirectional Support

  • Go to the Control Panel on your PC as mentioned above, and navigate to the Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printer
  • Right click on the name of the printer that you are currently using on your computer. Choose Printer Server Properties and then select Ports from the options.

Device And Printers

  • You will now need to check whether the Enable Bidirectional Support option is checked. If it is, uncheck it, and then click on Apply to confirm your decision.

Printer Ports

If this also fails to resolve your printer problems, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Install the Latest Printer Driver

  • Go to the Devices and Printers screen and click on the Add a printer Once you click on the option, a Choose a device or printer to add to this PC option will appear on the screen of your device.

Printer Server Properties

  • Computer users who are unable to see their printer will need to click on The printer I want isn’t listed Then select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings and click Next.

Add A Printer

  • You should now choose the port where you want to use your printer and click Next to proceed to the next step.

Printer Options

  • Select Windows Update and choose the name of the printer. If your printer is not present in the results, you will need to go back to the Find a printer by other options. Find the printer and install all the updates available to fix your printer issues.

If you have already tried all of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps but still failed to fix the printer is printing two copies error, then you should get in touch with our expert Canon printer repair technicians. They will remotely access your PC and fix all the frustrating printer problems in a matter of few minutes. In addition to that, they will also perform the necessary steps to avoid the occurrence of such printer errors in the future.

How to Troubleshoot ‘Printer Not Responding’ Error on Mac OS X

The Printer Is Not Responding Mac

Common Printer Issues

One commonly seen error message on Apple computers featuring Mac OS X, features a pop up announcing that the printer is not responding to printing queries. If you come across “the printer is not responding Mac” queries while using a multifunction printer, try the below steps to fix the error.

If the Printer Is Connected Over a Wi-Fi Network

  • Turn off the printer, wait for half a minute, and then turn it back on.
  • In case “the printer is not responding Mac” error persists despite restarting the compatible printer, apply the below setting on the OS:
    • Click on the Apple drop-down menu, ND choose System Preferences.MAC Settings
    • From the section titled Hardware, choose Print and Fax.System Preferences
    • Click on the Plus sign, and highlight the printer in the BonjourPrinters And Scanners
    • After that, click on Add.

Note that if the printer is nowhere to be found in that list, you need to verify that it’s connected to the wireless network. For instructions on that, refer to the user guide that came with the model.

If a USB Cable Is Used For Printer-PC Connection

If you are using a USB cable to connect the printer and Mac PC, ensure that this is securely connected to either port. Furthermore, make sure that USB 2.0 cable is used for this, and that the distance from the computer to printer is less than 6 feet. In case the error persists despite ensuring this, try the below things:

  • Ensure the cable it is connected securely to a USB port.
  • From the Apple drop-down, choose System Preferences.
  • From the Hardware section, as before, choose Print and Fax.
  • Connect the USB cable’s other end to the computer.
  • When the Mac detects the printer, the latter appears in the list of printers. Otherwise, reconnect the cable to another open USB port on the computer.

If you are not able to print with the USB connection, but a wireless connection works, it is likely a third-party printer driver conflict that is causing the issue. So, check under Apple Menu > System Preferences for a third-party software and uninstall it. In case you come across printer connectivity issues on any OS, contact us on our helpline and talk to one of our technical support team members.

How to Perform Duplex Printing

Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer

Common Printer Issues

It is possible to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. This is called duplex printing, and the option is available on most printers. The majority of these offer automatic duplex printing, while the rest require reinserting the pages manually after you are done printing on one side (manual duplex printing). First, see if your printer supports either of these two. Duplex printing is much easier than troubleshooting when Windows cannot connect to the printer.

Check if you Have an Automatic Duplex Printing Option

To figure out whether automatic duplex printing is possible on your printer, check the manual or ask the printer manufacturer. Alternatively, do the following.

  • Go to the File Choose Print.
  • Go to Settings and choose Print One Sided. If you see Print on Both Sides, it means duplex printing is possible on this model.

Print One Sided

If the machine is a combination of printer and copy machine, and the latter supports two-sided copying, then the printer probably has an automatic duplex printing option. If Windows cannot connect to the printer for some reason, call a PC technician to fix that.

Manual Duplex Printing

If your printer does not have the automatic duplex printing option, there are two ways to get around that. The first one is to print on one side of several sheets, and then manually feed these again, but face down. In Microsoft Word, you can take the following steps.

  • Go to the File Choose Print.
  • Go to Settings and choose Print One Sided. After this, choose Manually Print on Both Sides.

Print on Both Sides

Word prompts you to turn the stack over and feed the pages back in. When using manual duplex printing, it is wise to confirm the right way to reload pages based on the printer model.

Print Even and Odd Pages

This is the second way to circumvent the lack of an automatic duplex printing option. Here, you will need to take the following steps.

  • Go to the File Go to Settings and choose Print All Pages. After this, choose Only Print Odd Pages. Choose Print.

Print Odd Pages

  • After the printer finishes printing the odd pages, flip the stack. Then, go to Settings and choose Print All Pages. After this, choose Only Print Even Pages. Choose Print.

Print Even Pages

If you have questions regarding this or if you have HP printer problems you need solved, such as when Windows cannot connect to the printer, give us a call on 844-203-1881. Our experts will fix your problem in no time.

How to Clear Stuck Print Jobs on Windows 7 for HP Printer

HP Printer Problems

Common Printer Issues

If print jobs are stuck in the print spooler, and you cannot cancel it manually, you need other ways to get the printing system to function normally. The print job may get stuck when trying to take printouts on any printer, so this is not necessarily a troubleshooting method for HP printer problems alone; although the steps may vary slightly for other printers.

Manually Delete Print Jobs and Restart the System and Printer

  • First, shut down the printer using a power button on it and unplug its power cord.
  • Save the work in case it is not saved. That is because once you apply these steps, the present print jobs will be lost and you will have to initiate a new print command.
  • Open the Services in Windows 7. For that, press Windows and R keys simultaneously, type in services.msc in the Run dialog box, and press Enter.

Windows Services

  • In the pop-up window, scroll down to find Print Spooler, right-click on it, and select Stop. Once the spooler service has been stopped, exit the window.

Printer Spooler Services

  • Then, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS and delete the files inside the folder titled Printers. When done, restart the computer.

System Folder

  • In the meantime, ensure the printer’s power cord remains unplugged for 1 minute at the least, and then plug it back on the wall socket.
  • Try to take a printout again. In case you get the printout, you are good to go. However, if HP printer not printing anything, move on to the next step.

Uninstall the Printer Driver and Reinstall it on Windows 7

Note that the troubleshooting step outlined below for stuck print jobs is only for Windows 7 users. This can help reset the system files related to the Windows printing software.

  • Disconnect the printer’s USB cable connected to the PC.
  • Click Start button, search for Devices and Printers on the search box, and open it.
  • Right-click on the printer icon and choose Remove Device from the pop-up menu.

Remove Printer Device

  • Reboot the computer. Then, download the corresponding software of the HP printer‘s model from the manufacturer website.
  • Install the downloaded printer software as per the instructions given on the website. In case the HP printer connects to the computer over a USB cable, connect it only when you are prompted to do so while installing the software.

See to it if reinstalling the corresponding driver fixed the issue on Windows 7. In case not, contact our printer support technicians for advanced assistance.

Solving HP Printing Issues after a Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 Printing Issues

Common Printer Issues

Upgrading to Windows 10 can bring a slew of problems you never had to deal with before, such as bugs, widespread and frequent incompatibility, and relative sluggishness if you came over from using Windows 7. You have probably grown used to the inferior quality of Microsoft’s latest OS by now. However, the problematic nature of the OS can seep into other areas, such as the functioning of your HP printer.

Windows 10 printing issues are infamous for getting in the way of serious work, although most of these can be resolved with a few troubleshooting steps. Below are a few steps that can help you tackle HP printing issues in Windows 10.

Make Sure All Windows Updates are Installed

If your system has been downloading and installing an update, make sure that got completed. This includes software and drivers, which are important when you are dealing with a printer issue. If an update has failed to install or download, it may show up as technical issues in your printer. See that all vital drivers have been updated, so that the connected devices can function seamlessly with the PC.

Check the Print Spooler Service

  • Head to Services. Here, check to see if the spooler service is running.
  • If the service shows as ON but is not working, try stopping and restarting it.

Windows Services

  • Ensure the spooler service is in active mode.

Reinstall the HP Printer Driver

If the above methods failed to solve your Windows 10 printing issues, the next thing to do is uninstall and reinstall the printer software and driver.

  • Head to Start, and open Control Panel.
  • Inside Control Panel, find, select and uninstall the HP printer software. Remove it completely form the PC.
  • Reinstall the software by opening the installer file and following the wizard prompts.

  • When on it, reinstall the drivers one by one, ensuring that you are setting up the ones compatible with the OS version.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP provides a software tool with its printers, which you can use to troubleshoot pertinent issues. It is called HP Print and Scan Doctor, and the latest version can be downloaded online for free. Whatever the problem you may be facing, this software will hopefully solve it.

If the above methods failed to solve your Windows 10 printing issues, call 844-203-1881 for advanced technical support. Out team of certified experts can pinpoint the reason behind the HP printer issue and solve it in minimal time.

How to Troubleshoot Printer Offline Status on Windows 7

Printer Keeps Going Offline

Common Printer Issues

A “printer offline” status on Windows suggests that the system failed to communicate with the connected printer. That can happen due to errors in connection, poor configurations, faulty drivers, or if there are plenty of print jobs pending in the print queue. Regardless, you will not be able to take printouts unless you turn the printer online. Many people complain that their printer keeps going offline on Windows 7, and that can be due to many causes; so you have to start troubleshooting the error from the scratch.

Make Sure the Print Connections is Fine

Firstly, ensure that USB cable used to connect the printer to the PC is not loose or damaged. If required, replace it. Also, try to unplug the USB cable and reboot the computer and the printer. Also, ensure that the printer is connected to a working wall socket or power strip to eliminate both possibilities. In case if it is a wireless printer, restart the Wi-Fi router since that may also cause network failures making the printer to go offline.

Install Latest Printer Drivers

In case the printer driver is outdated or is incompatible with your Windows OS version, you may have to download and re-install the latest update of the driver from the printer manufacturer website. So check that before you proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

Fixing the Printer Offline Error

The below troubleshoot can work if a change in printer spooler settings has caused the printer offline error. If this does not help, contact tech support team to troubleshoot the printer keeps going offline error on Windows 7.

  • Press Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch Run In that dialog box, type services.msc and press Enter.

Windows Run

  • In the new window showing the list of Windows Services, scroll down to and find Print Spooler. Double-click on that to manage print jobs.

Windows Services

  • In the Print Spooler Properties, configure Startup type of the service to Automatic. If spooler startup is set as Manual, then click on the drop-down menu to change it.

Print Spooler Properties

  • Now, click on Start button and wait until Windows starts the spooler service. Once it completes, click Apply button and confirm the changes.

If changing the status of print spooler or rectifying its setting to how it should be configured fails to resolve printer offline error, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

  • Press Windows key, and choose Devices and Printers from the Start Menu.
  • Right-click on the printer and select See what’s printing from the pop-up menu.

Devices And Printers

  • In the new window, click Printer tab and deselect Use Printer Offline option from that.

Printer Offline

If the printer keeps going offline despite trying all these solutions, get in touch with our technical support team to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Fix the Type of Printhead is Incorrect Error

My Printer Is Not Printing

Common Printer Issues

Several small and large-scale businesses in the country heavily rely on computer printers to meet their monthly business targets. These handy electronic devices allow employees to print large volumes of documents every day without any issues. However, in some cases, computer printers also encounter a few errors, and if you fail to resolve these problems immediately, then it might put your entire business operations at risk.

Several users who experience regular printer issues often ask themselves “Why my printer is not printing”. If you are unable to print any documents from your printer, then it means that the device is experiencing some sort of error. If you do not know about common printer errors and how to troubleshoot them, then you will not be able to find the answer to the question, “Why my printer is not printing”, which might have been bothering you for a while.

Computer users who are stuck in such a difficult scenario should consider reaching out to expert printer support technicians. They will perform the necessary wireless printer troubleshooting to help you fix the print problem with ease.

“The type of printhead is incorrect” error is one of the most common printer errors that prevent users from printing documents from their PC. If you are seeing such an error message on the screen of your device, then below are a few wireless printer troubleshooting steps that might help you to resolve the error.

Reseat the Printhead

Wireless Printer Troubleshooting

Restart The Printhead

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to reseat the printhead, as it might solve the error. However, before reseating your printhead, you need to read the printer instruction manual and strictly follow the instructions. Once you have reseated the printhead, take a test print to check whether the issue is resolved.

Check the Connections

Several computer users are not aware that the type of printhead is incorrect error occurs due to loosened connections. So, thoroughly examine the connections and ensure that the printhead is properly connected to the printer. If not, establishing a proper connecting between these components will help you to fix the error.

Clean the Head Cartridge

Several computer users and printer support technicians claimed that they were able to solve the type of printhead is incorrect error by simply cleaning the head cartridge of their printer. So, check the manual to see how the remove the cartridge and then clean it before placing it back on your printer, as it might fix the printer error you are experiencing.

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