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How to Troubleshoot Epson Print Spooler Error in Windows PC

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Print Spooler Error

One of the common printer problems in Windows, the print spooler error affects the productivity of most of the branded printers, and Epson range of inkjet printers is not exempt to that. Spooler is a Windows software program, which stores print jobs temporarily in the hard drive of the computer and spools those to-be-printed files to the printer as and when it is ready to take printouts.

However, at times, the spooler service runs into errors and affects the productivity of the printer. In such situations, manually restarting the spooler service in Windows PC tends to fix the issue. You can do this in any of the printers, including one from Epson.

Steps to Troubleshoot Print Spooler Error for Epson Printers

  • Start the Windows PC. Ensure to log in as an administrator, while you starting the system. Only if you do that, you can access spooler service.
  • Once you log in to Windows, navigate to Start button on desktop and enter Control Panel on the search box.
  • Click open Control Panel from the search results, and navigate to Administrative Tools. Double-click the shortcut titled Services. This will launch a new window, which contains a list of all available local system services in Windows.

  • Scroll down to spot Printer Spooler service from the list and open it.
  • Click on the link titled Start the Service to the upper left side of the window to manually start the Epson print spooler Yet again, if you see that print spooler is running, you will have to click the link titled Restart the Service. Now, see to it whether the print spooler error in Windows PC is resolved or not.

Apart from these steps, always ensure that you have configured the Epson printer and install up-to-date driver of the device. For that, go to Epson printer support website and look for drivers going by your model name only. Note that if you choose the wrong model, the spooler error will linger on.

The print spooler not running error is a temporary issue in Windows, which you can clear with these steps in most of the cases, but if Epson printer support or backup is required, feel free to contact the tech professionals.

Ways to Troubleshoot Common Errors on a Canon MP Series Printer

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Reset Canon Printer

Canon is a household brand when it comes to scanners and printers, and devices that support both functions. Both home users and office goers rely on Canon multifunction printers to meet their daily document needs, whether that is digital scanning or printing. A Canon printer that is well maintained would provide years of service without having to rely on Canon printer repair. However, on occasions, users may come across an error that disables the functions of a Canon MP Series printer.

Canon Pixma is one such multifunction printer that runs into frequent errors. Worry not, there are two ways to troubleshoot common issues in the Canon printer, including restarting the printer manually and doing the same via the computer system.

Steps to Reset the Canon Printer

Turn on Canon Pixma or any MP Series printer, press & hold its Reset button, and simultaneously do the same for the Color Start button. After that, wait for five seconds and release the latter button, and then release the former. Wait until the Canon printer begins to configure. This would take about 20 seconds.

After that, the display of the printer would show 1. If you see that number, press & hold the Tool button, which will show a pop up with A on the printer display. While pressing the Tool button, simultaneously press and hold Reset. Wait until there are no flashing lights shown on the Canon printer, and release the Tool button followed by the Reset button.

Steps to Hard Reset the Canon Printer

Printer Problems In Windows

Common Printer Issues

Shut down your Windows PC, and turn off the Canon printer by a pressing its power button. After that, unplug the power cord at the printer’s back and remove the USB cable or parallel cable that connects the printer to the system. Remove interface cable from both the devices. After that, plug in the parallel or USB cable to the printer. Ensure there are no loose connections to avoid printer going offline in future. Also, connect the other end of cable interface to the computer.

Now turn on the Canon printer and the PC only after the printer powers up. After that, click Start on desktop and navigate to Control Panel > Printers and Faxes. In that list, double-click on the Canon icon and click the Printer menu. Choose Properties from that menu and click Print Test Page to see if everything is back in order.

Quick Fix for Common Printer Issues

HP Printer Not Printing

Bad Looking Printouts

Almost everyone has a printer in his or her home and there are no more struggles for having to go out to stores for printing a document. However, the real problem comes when the printer does not work properly and you wish you knew how to solve the problem. Usual printer problems can be related either to the hardware or to the software, and there are a few things you can try to fix the issues. Given below are a few quick fixes that you could try in order to solve some of the common printer issues.

Printer Takes a Long Time to Print

Depending on what kind of print you need, there are different solutions to tackle the problem of printer taking a long time to print a document. If you do not need normal quality prints, using standard mode will be enough, but if it is for presentation, you will need high quality mode.

To fix the issues, you can switch from two-sided to one-sided mode, as the latter takes considerably less time to print. Note that the device drivers can also be a factor determining the speed; so update the drivers as necessary. If your printing purpose needs high quality and resolution, high-end lasers and some inkjet printers would be a good deal.

Paper Jams

How To Fix A Printer That Won't Print

Common Printer Issues

Yet another terrible situation is when paper jams. If it is a misaligned paper that caused the jam, then remove the tray to see if the paper is positioned correctly and reset the tray. Moreover, open the panel and carefully remove the jammed paper or small bits of it and secure the panel back.

You should always make sure that the type of paper you are using to print is supported by your printer. Besides, it is advisable to store the papers in a dry area, as moisture content in it can make the printing difficult.

Bad Looking Printouts

It is such a frustrating thing when your printer is working fine but the quality of picture it prints is too low. To troubleshoot the issue, try checking the paper as well as the media selected, and make sure that they are correct. Additionally, see if the paper loaded in tray matches the type selected in the driver, and fix it as required.

Besides that, check out the toner cartridges, imaging units, and fuser for damages. If you have got smudge marks on your print, you can print several blank sheets of paper to make the blotch fade away.

How to Fix Common Wireless Printer Issues

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Disable Antivirus Programs

In today’s digitally competitive world, doing business while you are on the go with your tablet and smartphone is necessary. This is why computer users have started to use wireless printers instead of normal ones. Most wireless printers allow users to print out documents, PDFs, images, and more without establishing a physical connection by using cables.

One of the best things about Wi-Fi printers is that they allow multiple numbers of users to access the same printer. This means that you will not have to buy a dedicated computer printer for each and every computer station in your office. This will help you to save hundreds of your money and it will also save the time of your employees.

However, just like any other electronic device, wireless computer printers also experience a few issues. In some cases, these devices will refuse to start printing documents, while in other cases, the output print job might be of low quality. Fortunately, we have listed a few simple troubleshooting steps below, which will help you to resolve all these common wireless printer issues with ease.

Restart Everything

If the wireless printer in your office or home is not functioning flawlessly, then the first and most important thing you should do is to restart everything. You will need to turn off your computer, wireless printer, and the router, and then switch them on after a couple of minutes. It might come as a surprise to you that simply restarting the devices has enabled a number of users to fix a few common printer issues.

Wireless Connectivity

Printer Problems In Windows

Common Wireless Printer Issues

If restarting the devices does not help you to fix the issue, then the next thing you should do is to check your wireless connectivity. The main culprit behind most of the common wireless printer is wireless connectivity. Therefore, you will need to check whether wireless internet is available or not. If not, reconnect the network and run a test print job to check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Disable Antivirus Programs

Some computer users often fail to realize the fact that the presence of a firewall or antivirus program might be the root cause of common printer problems that they are experiencing. So, if you have recently installed any such programs, then it is best to disable them and see if the error is fixed. If not, it is best to get in touch with an Epson printer support technician for help.

5 Things you Can Do to Extend your Printer’s Life

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Closing Manual Feed Tray

Many things determine the life of your printer, from the make and model of the thing, to how well and often it is used. However, the duration your printer will work properly is not set in stone – you can avoid common problems and the need for Epson printer support by taking care of a few things.

Cleaning the Inside of the Printer

Among the many ways you can do well by your printer, is the act of keeping its interior clean. See if there is too much paper dust or debris when the printer is opened, and wipe it away gently. This should not take more than five minutes in all and you only need do it every month or so. If the printer does a lot of work, then check two to three times every month.

Closing the Manual Feed Tray

Your printer probably has a feed tray, which you need to close when the printer is not in use. Since it sticks out from the printer when open, someone passing by could accidentally knock it over or break it. It may become a hassle if you keep pushing it open and closed, but this is one of those preventative measures you will be glad you took.

Replacing Cartridges That are about to Dry Up

Printer Head

Keeping In Standby Mode

You should not wait for your cartridges to dry up before you replace them. There are several warnings, which will go off if there is not enough toner left, but you can wait awhile. Not too long though, since dry cartridges can cause wear and tear on the printer head.

Taking Care When Replacing Cartridges

There is a good chance you will be carrying out a lot of replacements of the printer cartridge. Be careful when you do this. Make sure you have read and are following any given instructions, such as not touching the cartridge’s bottom. That can affect the print quality, which can be bad for the printer as well.

Keeping the Printer in Standby Mode

It is never good for the printer if you switch it on and off a lot. However, if you will not be using it for some time, the standby mode can be utilized. If instead the printer is kept on, it will generate substantial heat, which can cause the print header to dry up the cartridge. The header gets clogged this way. Standby mode is best if you will not be using the thing for a few days.

Hard Drives in Printers and How to Wipe Them

How To Fix A Printer That Wont Print

Printer Hard Drives

Ever heard of printers having hard drives? Well, they do. What determines this is the type of printer you happen to be asking about. Business-class laser printers, for instance, usually come with a hard drive. Most multifunction printers or MFPs also have this. However, as you go back further to older devices such as inkjet printers, you only get printer memory.

If you already know how to fix a printer that wont print, here is some information on handling the information it stores.

Why Hard Drives Matter

Every time you use the printer to scan a document, take a printout, or even make a copy, a copy of the processed document gets stored on the hard drive, if there is one. This will likely include checks and invoices, documents from HR, customer information, and a lot more.

Working in regulated industries such as medical and legal, you will be required to keep the records safe. This includes PII or personally identifiable information, which should be protected from hackers. That means incorporating any networked printer, scanner or copier in your IT security plan. Additionally, the printer hard drive should always remain inside the building.

How to Delete the Hard Drive

After you have found out that the printer or copier has a hard drive, it is important to ensure that data does not become available to anyone else through it. One problem with reselling copiers and printers is that information may leave the building if it is still on the hard drive, which is unsafe.

Laser Printers

Common Browser Issues

It is possible to wipe the hard drive memory of your printer or MFP device. Most models these days come with detailed instructions on how to do this. If the device you are using is leased or available under contract, you will need to check with the service partner before you do anything of this sort.

  • Take out the hard drive and try digitally rewriting it. Alternatively, if you prefer, physically destroy it by melting, incineration, shredding, or sanding. Taking a baseball bat to it like you see in the movies won’t guarantee the data gets destroyed, so don’t go that way unless you really need to take a swing at something and the chance just came up.
  • There is a wipe or overwrite function in most modern copiers. This works well even when you are actively using the copier or printer.
  • You can reformat the drives.
  • Any cached data will need to be cleared, including emails and workflows, which have been set up on the interface.

How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Printer Problems

Windows 10 Printer Problems

Use Troubleshooting Utilities

Most of the time, updating the OS would get rid of any of the software bugs that may cause common printer problems in Windows PC, such as printing only a page and stopping or corrupt print jobs. However, when it comes to updating Windows 7 or 8.1 to the latest version of the OS, which is Windows 10, it may trigger printer issues that may be hard to understand for a newbie to printing with Windows 10.

This is especially the case if the new version of Windows does not support previously installed drivers. If you are facing any issue such as disconnection of the printer, an inability to take printouts, or hardware not recognized despite proper connections, get in touch with a reliable printer support team for help. Alternatively, try the below troubleshooting steps and see if that works.

Use Troubleshooting Utilities in Windows 10

To resolve pressing Windows 10 printer problems, you need to check for the said tools offered by the OS. To find the same, click on the Start button and search Devices and Printers in the search box. Then, click the respective option from the suggested listing to open it in Control Panel. After that, run the printing troubleshooter wizard to diagnose and resolve the Windows 10 printer problems automatically.

Uninstall and Reinstall Printer Driver

Printer Problems In Windows

Reinstall Printer Driver

If the diagnostic fails to resolve an issue, you may have to remove the software driver of the printer installed in Windows 10. For that, choose the printer and click on the Remove Device option. If the OS does not find a different version of the driver automatically, you need to manually search for the corresponding driver of the printer model in the website of the device manufacturer to download and install the same following on-screen prompts in Windows 10.

Other Options to Install Printer

If following manual install has not shown the printer in Devices and Printers, you need to navigate to Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners and choose Add a Printer option to the right. If it not listed under Printers & Scanners heading, click a button that reveals a window containing five options to find printer in Windows 10 including Add a Bluetooth, Wireless or Network Discoverable Printer. The other three options enable users to add the shared device over a network, and the fifth one lets install a local printer. If Windows detects the printer though, install it following on-screen prompts.

How to Choose a Different Printer in Microsoft Word 2010

Printer Problems in Windows

Common Printer Issues

A number of computer users, particularly ones who work in large-scale enterprises, prefer to use more than one printer for their personal and work-related uses. Having an additional printer in your home can be handy, and this will also help you to save plenty of your valuable time. If you have multiple numbers of printers in your home or office, you will be able to use different printers for different printing jobs. For instance, you can use a black and white laser printer to print documents at a rapid pace. However, if you want to print documents in color, then you will need to use a color printer for the task.

The good news is that you will be able to see all the printers that you have connected to your system on Word 2010, and most of the newer versions of Microsoft Word. However, several computer users often feel the need to switch the print job to another printer but they lack the knowledge to do so. If you are one among them, then below are a few simple tips on how to choose a different printer in Microsoft Word 2010.

  • Windows 10 Printer Problems

    Choosing Different Printer

    Turn on your PC or laptop and then simply open a document in the Word 2010 on your device.

  • At the top-left corner of Word 2010 window, you will be able to find a File Click on it before proceeding to the next troubleshooting step.
  • You will now have to select the Print option on the left side of the window
  • Once you click the Print option, you will be able to see the names of the printers that you have connected to your device.
  • All you need to do is to simply select the printer that you wish to use for the print from the list of options.
  • Confirm your selection and then once again click on the Printer

It is vital to note that this method will work only for the current word document that you are printing. So, if you wish to choose a different printer for all future print jobs, it is best to change the default printer on your computer. If you have no clear idea on how to do this, it is best to get in touch with an expert printer support technician who knows how to deal with Windows 10 printer problems or printer problems in windows.

How to Remove a Toner Cartridge Out of a Stuck Laser Printer

Printer Driver Is Unavailable

Remove Toner Cartridge

An improperly installed toner cartridge in a laser printer may cause its cover to stay slightly open and that may hinder the proper functioning of the device. Several factors may cause the laser printers’ cover to remain ajar, including the installation of an incompatible cartridge. However, you would have to take out the toner cartridge and replace it with the right one regardless of what caused the printing problem. An error message may show up on the display of the printer or the PC indicating stuck cartridge or a similar message.

Turn off the laser print prior to changing the cartridge. Let the device cool down for a while after that, and feel the temperature on the cover of the laser printer prior to taking out the toner cartridge. If you do not feel the heat on its cover, you can safely open its cover, be it a front-facing or a rear cover as per the design of the laser printer, and get a hold of its drum unit’s handle to pull out the cartridge gently.

Printer Problems In Windows

Common Printer Issues

You can release the cartridge from the laser printer’s drum unit using a lever, a switch, or a button for that, as per the model of the printer. Do not force out the toner cartridge. If it will not release easily, use a lock and unlock mechanism equipped in the printer for safe removal of the cartridge. If it is still stuck, it is best to call a printer service professional to remove the toner cartridge without having to damage the drum unit.

While it is out of the laser printer, slide a tab along its rear to and fro in order to clean the corona wire inside the printer. Note that not all drum units have the corona wires running through it, but if your printer has that, it is worth maintaining that in order to avoid any print quality issues in the future. After the cleaning, slide both the toner cartridge and the drum unit into the laser printer. If your printer has a toner/drum combination, line it up properly and make sure to slide it in so that you can close the panel of the device.

Turn on the printer after closing its door or panel and resume printing only after ensuring that the device’s control panel shows a green light or displays a ‘ready’ mode. Ensure to use the toner cartridge model as per the model of the printer. If you are unsure, check the printer manufacturer’s website.

Reasons Why Companies Discontinue Printers

Printer Driver Is Unavailable

Unpredictable Printer Functioning

Whenever a new printer is launched in the market, it comes with tremendous hype and accompanying marketing strategies designed to woo the public into buying it. However, all that usually dies down sooner than later. Moreover, people only tend to hang on to one product until a new one comes out. This is why promotion running over a short time is dialled to the max, in the hopes of hooking consumers into making a purchase.

Once you buy though, it is still not an end to the buyer and seller relationship. After the purchase is done, there is also the not-so-small matter of after-sales service. This service is meant to determine how good the product really is, as well as the issues it will serve up. If the selling company notices that the satisfaction of its customers is low for some reason, then the product is discontinued from production.

Main Reasons Companies Discontinue Printers

Printer Functioning

Common Printer Issues

Printers use drivers and firmware, and if either of those shows too many errors or fails to respond, the company will discontinue the product. This is because errors in drivers or firmware can severely affect the functionality of the printer. If the printer driver is unavailable, customers will report software malfunctions, and call the support team for advanced troubleshooting. Generally, companies prefer to use measures that save face, like giving replacements and such.

Unpredictable printer functioning is another problem. If after a year of good, constant printing, the printer acts up, then this can be a problem. One example is the monochrome function failing or not working properly. This can be a huge crisis for work environments where a lot of printing needs to be done.

Printout quality getting reduced is a problem to be wary of. Deflated or crumpled printouts won’t be usable in most cases. Having to put up with ruined printouts in an office, for instance, doesn’t bear thinking. Companies and printer support technicians usually tell users to first check if something is blocking the paper feed. If there is and the item is removed, well and good. However if there is something wrong with the printer instead, and fixing it once doesn’t guarantee the problem won’t come back, and that is when the manufacturing company will be inclined to discontinue the product.

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