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Simple Tips to Fix Printer Paper Jam Issues

Printer Issues

Paper Jam Issues

If the paper that you feed through your computer printer for print jobs goes awry, then there is a good chance for the occurrence of paper jams. In most cases, you will not be able to print documents when this happens. However, in some rare cases, computer printers ignore the issue and move forward with the print job. Unfortunately, the output paper print that you receive will be a crumbled mess, which means that it will not be suitable for use.

It is significant to note that most of the modern types of computer printers available in the market usually LED notification lights to alert users about the paper jam. So, look for such signs and try to clear the paper jams before you start printing documents. Below are a few simple set of steps that you should follow when there is a paper jam in your computer printer.

Switch Off the Printer

The first and most important thing you should do is to turn off your computer printer. This will help you to ensure that you will not be troubled with the moving parts of the printer when you are working on the inside of the device. If you are using a new computer printer, then this will also prevent the generation of additional heat and ensure that you are safe.

Open All Doors that Lead to Paper Path

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If you are unable to tell which one of the printer doors leads to the paper jam, then you will need to open or remove the input tray of your printer and follow the paper path to the output tray of the external device. Make sure to open all the panels and doors that you see along the way, as it will help you to know where the paper jam is.

Pull Out Paper Scraps and Sheets

Once you have identified the door that leads to the paper jam, you should check for paper scraps and stuck paper sheets. If you identify any such paper sheets, then you should carefully pull out the paper out of the path. You should take note of the fact that pulling out the papers in a rough manner might cause severe damage to your computer printer.

After you have performed all these three above-mentioned steps, close all the panels and doors of your computer printer. Turn the device on and run a test print job to check whether the issue is solved. If not, get in touch with a printer support technician to fix the problem.

3 Vital Signs that Indicate a Printer Drum Failure

Printer Issues

Printer Drum Failure

Laser printers are widely used in offices and studios as they can produce quality prints more quickly. The regular use of laser printers can result in some issues though, mainly in its mechanical parts.

The printer drum is one crucial component of a laser printer that serves the key function of transferring the image onto paper to produce the final print. Any issues or failure of the drum can result in a severe decline in quality of the prints and the printer may stop functioning altogether. Moreover, the printer may also display error messages on its display screen when a drum failure occurs. The following are three vital signs to look for that indicate a printer drum failure.

Blurred Prints

Blurred prints are one crucial indicator of a malfunctioning printer drum that requires immediate replacement. In some cases, the printer will also produce blank or gray prints when the drum malfunctions. It could also signal that ink toner needs to be replaced with a fresh one. If checking and replacing the toner cartridge yields the same result then the cause of blurred prints is due to printer drum. Cleaning the drum is one way to solve the issue; however, the drum unit needs to be replaced if the printer produces the same results.

Low-Quality Prints

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Toner Cartridge Levels

Another major sign of a damaged printing drum is that the printer will produce prints that are low in quality. This low quality in print will result in the text and images to appear faded and lacking in detail. Yet before going for a printer troubleshooting of the drum, it is best to check the ink and toner cartridges as they can also contribute to the issue. Verify that the printer drum is functioning normally after checking the ink and toner cartridge levels. If the printer is still producing low-quality prints, it is time to replace the printer drum.


A damaged printer drum can generate blotches or black spots on the print. The surface of printing drum can get damaged over long time use that prevents the ink and toner in properly adhering to the surface of the drum. In some cases, the appearance of blotches or black spots is also caused by the buildup of dirt and dust on the drum surface. Cleaning the drum with a clean cloth will usually resolve the problem and if not it is best to replace the printing drum altogether.

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