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Drivers constitute the most important element of a printer, and the lack of these can mean you can’t get a printout. This can be quite frustrating as you may find that the printer stops functioning altogether, or is printing more slowly. Especially in offices, a network of fully functional and efficient printers is critical for ensuring productivity.

You may encounter a printer driver is unavailable error at most times while using your computer. It is software related, and good know-how will help you point out the issue to a professional tech support for rectification. Many printer issues are commonly due to errors or incompatibility in the drivers, and not any hardware faults.

Printer Driver is Unavailable

The printer driver is unavailable is an issue that can crop up when you heavily use your printer for executing bulk printouts. In homes, where the printing requirement is mediocre, this driver issue can also appear and prevent the functioning of your printer. There are several reasons why the printer driver is unavailable error can occur on your device. Incompatibility of the driver can actually prevent proper communication between the printer and the computer.

printer driver unavailable

The function of a printer driver is to facilitate a successful connection between the printer and computer. If your Windows or other operating system is outdated, it can also cause the driver unavailable error appearing on your computer. You can partially resolve the issue by undertaking various troubleshooting methods, such as updating the drivers or reinstalling them.

However, by doing so you are actually not resolving the issue, but finding a means to temporarily clear it, so that you can resume your current tasks in printing. Printer driver errors are complicated and may require debugging or a full reinstall, which are usually beyond the skills of a layman user. In such instances, professional tech support can be of great help to restore your printer driver to its normal functioning.

Why Choose Us

If you experience the printer driver is unavailable issue anytime during usage, it is best to call us right away. Simply ignoring a professional service and carrying out troubleshooting can aggravate the issue with your printer driver. We understand the need for a functional printer in your home or office, and are ready to offer support at any time. Upon your request, we will either carry out the necessary tweaks remotely, or dispatch our expert technicians so that your printer can resume functioning in no time.


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