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Tips To Check Whether The Printer Cartridge Is Damaged

Trouble With Printer

Trouble With Printer

There are different types of printer and among those inkjet printers are more popular than the rest. Most of the inkjet printers use a different combination of inks to print from a computer device. The quality of printouts may get compromised if the toner or the printer is damaged. A bug in the device driver installed in the computer can also lead to printing errors. However, if you are having trouble printing, it is necessary to check the ink cartridges. This is because damage in the cartridge can also affect your print quality. You don’t need to be a technical expert to fix a printer. The following are some simple tips to find whether there is any fault in the printer cartridge.

Inspecting Old Cartridge

If you are sure that the printing error is not because of any software error, you can start by inspecting the cartridge. For this, it is better to take off the cartridge from the printer. Some printers are having refillable cartridges. Therefore, if you are using a printer of that kind, take a look inside the ink source and make sure that it is not empty. Other users can do this inspection by estimating the weight of the cartridge. However, many printers are now coming with their printing heads attached to the cartridge. Hence, it is necessary to be very careful while inspecting the cartridge.

Check New Cartridge

Fix A Printer

Fix A Printer

Since the cartridge is a delicate part of the printer, it comes in two or three-layer packing. Therefore, if you are having trouble with the printer after setting your new cartridge, make sure that all the layers of packing are removed. It is also necessary to check whether the protective clip is also removed. If you are using a toner cartridge, it is mandatory to make sure that the tape that is separating toner from the image drum is removed. Checking that the cartridges are of the same series issued for your printer is also necessary.

The above mentioned are some tips on finding out whether your cartridge is damaged. If you are finding any problem with the printer even after ensuring that the cartridges are working fine, it would be better to seek the help of an expert. However, if you are using a new cartridge, you can try replacing the same within the warranty period. Replacing your old ink cartridge with a new one may also help you in fixing this issue.

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