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People using Windows computers often run into countless printer problems that tend to hinder office work productivity. Topping the list of printer problems in Windows often is the OS sending a file or a set of files to be printed to a printer other than the one thought to have been configured earlier in the PC. If somebody changes the default printer in Windows, the print job would go to a printer that is unknown to the user.

Printer Problems in Windows

In case the print queue in another system has more print jobs that delay network printing, users need to cancel the pending job before someone adds another printing task that may slow down the process further. This could happen due to the default settings or if somebody changes the default printer while taking a printout from the software that allows it.

Regardless of the reason for that, users should never turn off the printer to stop the print job in the queue since that would make the printer to resume from the point it has paused upon a restart. That is why one should clear the pending tasks in the print queue to avoid bottlenecks in the sequential printing process.

There is an option in Windows that lets the user manage a default printer. If that option is enabled by the user, the OS will set a recently used printer as the default one. By disabling that particular option, a user can take printouts on a printer of their preference going forward.

Printer Problems in Windows

In order to troubleshoot an issue in desktop printing, the user should be able to identify the underlying reasons and tell a professional as to what has caused it. Slow printing speeds may happen in Windows due to wrong setting configuration, and it is one, that can have a knock-on effect or lead to bottlenecks in network printing.

With the right setting, you can avoid such pressing issues that have an indirect effect on printing in a client-server based environment. Note that minor issues such as paper jams in the printer may occur due to excess moisture content on the fed paper, so you should store paper in a moisture-free area. However, there are more printer problems in Windows that cannot be cleared with simple troubleshooting steps.

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To troubleshoot problems in high-volume printing environments it is important to hire professionals, who are into printer service with ample knowhow and the backing of right tools and a strong service background. To build an ideal print environment, having a professional that can maintain seamless communication can prove to be a time saving exercise in client-based printing.

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