Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of HostSailor Web Hosting Services

Knowing the features of different types of web hosting services available on the internet is important to choose a plan that suits you the best. You should be aware of the merits and drawbacks of each hosting package for selecting the best website hosting that can satisfy your requirements. Therefore, HostSailor web hosting services provide a list of some of the important pros and cons of different web hosting plans for your knowledge.

Shared Hosting

This is an ideal option for small businesses and beginners. Here, your site will be hosted on a server that is shared by a bunch of other sites. Hence, you will have to share your server resources with all these sites. Sometimes, there can be hundreds and thousands of sites hosted on the same server!


The biggest advantage of shared hosting is the affordability. As there will be a large number of sites sharing the server, the price will be also distributed among them. Therefore, this is a great option for people with limited funds.

Also, with shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your site, as it will be taken care of by the service provider. So you can concentrate entirely on building your site.


Sharing the server with other parties means that you will have to share your resources including RAM, CPU speed, and hard drive space with them too. It can greatly affect your performance and site loading speed. Also, the presence of other unknown sites on your server makes your site more vulnerable to security threats.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has now gained great popularity among the website owners for the flexibility and performance it offers. This strategy uses a network of computers for hosting your site, rather than a single physical server. Therefore, simultaneous versions of your sites will be running on different servers from which the site can pull all the power and resources it needs dynamically.


The important benefit of cloud hosting is the scalability it provides. You can add more resources to your server based on your growing needs. Also, you will get higher security and great performance when compared to shared hosting. In addition to this, you have to only pay for what you use.


Here the pricing will be unpredictable, as there can be a huge spike in the amount you have to pay based on the increase in the traffic to your site.

Dedicated Hosting

Here, an entire server and its resources will be at the disposal of a single site. Hence, it can provide you great flexibility and scalability.


It can provide you great security and performance when compared to other plans. As you get an entire server, you will be able to customize the resources based on your needs, hence, it provides great flexibility.


This option is very costly when compared to other options. Also, you might have to spend additional costs on maintenance and security.

Different types of web hosting plans have their pros and cons. Hence, you have to be aware of them for choosing the right option for you. HostSailor web hosting services provide you the best hosting plans that can cater to your specific needs.


The Benefits Of Selecting HostSailor Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated web hosting, a website runs on a single physical server. The computing resources of the physical system is exclusively allotted to that site alone, hence the name ‘dedicated hosting’. HostSailor is a popular web hosting company that provides this service. The company is in Dubai, but it offers hosting services to customers around the world.

The web host is very reliable and offers a wide variety of packages for its global clientele, so it is popular among all sorts of customers. When it comes to dedicated server hosting, the web host has many feature-rich plans for you to pick from. The prices of these packages differ by the number of features on offer, but they start at around $70 a month. Now, let us look at some features that make it one of the best dedicated hosting providers out there.

Superior Security And Performance

Selecting a web host that guarantees as much uptime as possible for your site is a good idea. HostSailor’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is backed by a service level agreement, and it confirms that the site of yours stays functioning always. The dedicated server is ideal for websites that see a considerable inflow of traffic because it offers more reliability and stability as compared to other hosting services.

By buying a HostSailor server with resources allocated exclusively to your website, you confirm that it is unaffected by spammers or malicious websites. With HostSailor’s dedicated hosting, you will not have to think too much about situations like any other site clogging up this physical system’s resources. Upticks in the usage of bandwidth or bad scripts that run on a different site are not going to slow it.


The service enables you the ability to change this server to suit your requirements regarding memory, storage space, and so forth. The Dubai-based hosting service provider lets you do it according to your needs, whether these are more RAM, greater drive space, or more than one CPU.

It enables you access to a hosting environment that can be customized and that suits your needs. By choosing it as your hosting provider, you will have further control over the way in which the server is set up.

Gives You Your Own IP Address

Every single dedicated server will have an Internet Protocol address exclusively allotted to it. It is particularly significant for a website to have a secure sockets layer certificate for things such as credit card transaction processing. The company also offers a certificate to the hosting customers.


HostSailor VPS Service: A Cheap Way to Have Your Website Functioning

HostSailor is a website hosting service provider that offers both affordable and high-end services. The company’s relatively cheaper solution is VPS hosting. This service can help take your site to another level – let us find out how it can help your online business ambitions.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

In such a web hosting environment, a website is stored on a physical server alongside other websites to make it accessible over the internet. Even though every website shares the machine, since a certain amount of bandwidth and memory is allotted to each one in the virtual environment, no one site will be made weaker by the activities on another.

Virtualization technology is used to split the main physical server into smaller ones, where each site can be hosted. Your hosting provider uses three different technologies to divide the physical web server: XEN, KVM and OpenVZ.

Why Go for HostSailor’s VPS Hosting Service

HostSailor VPS package subscriber will get “superuser” level access, which enables them to install/remove programs, configure permissions, and change their server environment to suit their requirements.

The company was started back in 2014 with a goal to be a provider of quality VPS hosting service. Although they offer dedicated and shared solutions, they are often regarded as the best VPS hosting provider. One of the reasons for this is that the web host offers scalable packages under their virtual private hosting service as well.


This means you can scale up your existing package when your online business gets bigger. Usually, that growth comes with a requirement for additional server capacity. As your package is scalable, you will not have to bother about moving your site to a different system. Instead, you only have to upgrade the existing resources because your demands dictate that.

Another unique aspect of HostSailor’s VPS hosting is the website loading speed. The web host is convinced that your site load speed will not be compromised when you use this service. They do what they promise as many speed tests have shown that it is quicker compared to VPS offered by most other service providers.

Another great thing is that you do not have to sign a contract to become a VPS subscriber. This will suit you well if you are the sort of customer that does not like to have commitments.