Simple Tips to Fix Printer Paper Jam Issues

If the paper that you feed through your computer printer for print jobs goes awry, then there is a good chance for the occurrence of paper jams. In most cases, you will not be able to print documents when this happens. However, in some rare cases, computer printers ignore the issue and move forward with the print job. Unfortunately, the output paper print that you receive will be a crumbled mess, which means that it will not be suitable for use.

It is significant to note that most of the modern types of computer printers available in the market usually LED notification lights to alert users about the paper jam. So, look for such signs and try to clear the paper jams before you start printing documents. Below are a few simple set of steps that you should follow when there is a paper jam in your computer printer.

Switch Off the Printer

The first and most important thing you should do is to turn off your computer printer. This will help you to ensure that you will not be troubled with the moving parts of the printer when you are working on the inside of the device. If you are using a new computer printer, then this will also prevent the generation of additional heat and ensure that you are safe.

Open All Doors that Lead to Paper Path

If you are unable to tell which one of the printer doors leads to the paper jam, then you will need to open or remove the input tray of your printer and follow the paper path to the output tray of the external device. Make sure to open all the panels and doors that you see along the way, as it will help you to know where the paper jam is.

Pull Out Paper Scraps and Sheets

Once you have identified the door that leads to the paper jam, you should check for paper scraps and stuck paper sheets. If you identify any such paper sheets, then you should carefully pull out the paper out of the path. You should take note of the fact that pulling out the papers in a rough manner might cause severe damage to your computer printer.

After you have performed all these three above-mentioned steps, close all the panels and doors of your computer printer. Turn the device on and run a test print job to check whether the issue is solved. If not, get in touch with a printer support technician to fix the problem.


How to Fix Common Printer Issues

Multifunction printers are one of the most critical and significant pieces of technology in any office. Therefore, if these external computer devices run into any sort of issues or errors, then your entire business will suffer. The delays that may happen due to a malfunctioned computer printer can be frustrating, costly, and it may even affect the productivity of your business.

Most businesses and companies prefer to steer away from such terrible and irritating issues, which is why they seek the help of experienced printer support technicians to take care of the job. They will remotely solve the issue and help you to run your business without any delays. Some of the most common office computer printer issues and a few tips on how to fix them are as follows.

Bad Looking Prints

Removing Printer Software

Several people often ignore the fact that the paper they are using to print documents from a printer will have a huge impact on the quality of the final print. In most cases, the paper sold by the manufacturer of the printer will contain fewer issues than most generic printer papers. So, try to stick with it. In addition, you must also try to match the settings of your printer to what you are printing, as it will also increase the quality of the final product.

Printer Won’t Print

One of the most common printer issues reported by computer users is that their printer doesn’t print any documents. If you are such a situation, then you will initially need to double check that you have selected the right printer before restarting the device. Computer users who are still not able to fix the error should turn off their printer and then turn it on after a couple of minutes, as it may solve the issue.

Printer Won’t Scan

If the multi-function printer in your office is no longer working, then the main culprit behind the issue could be a corrupted scanner software application. So removing the printer software and then reinstalling it might help you to solve the issue. However, if you are still experiencing this error, it is best to seek the help of an expert printer support technician. They will remotely reinstall the printer software and help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.