Printer Power Circuit Problems

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by Carlo Dach

Printers are electronic devices with many mechanical parts and their chances of failure or malfunction are high. It is very common for users to come across different printer issues and one of the most common problems is the printer, not printing.  This can be due to multiple reasons and many of them can be fixed at home without the help of experts. Listed below are some troubleshooting steps to find out the cause when your printer won’t print.

Basic Checkup

The first thing that you can do is try plugging in the printer to a different power outlet to see if it is turning on and if not try using a spare power cord to see if the problem is with the power cord or the printer. You should also try connecting a different electrical device to the wall outlet to see if the problem is with the power outlet. Besides, you should be careful not to connect the printer to a surge protector. Always connect the printer to the wall outlet directly. Sometimes, the printer might turn on when you remove the power cable and let it remain idle for an hour and then connect it back.

Reset Using Power Button

The other reason could be with the power button being damaged or faulty due to long usage. If the power button is damaged, it wouldn’t be blinking and replacing or fixing it by an authorised brand service centre can resolve the issue of the printer not printing.

Printer Ink Leakage Issue

Sometimes leaked ink from the cartridge can cause short circuits and stop the printer from turning on. So to check it, open the cartridge access door and look inside with the help of a torchlight to see if there is any ink leakage. If there is any kind of leakage, then it is better to take the printer to a service centre to fix the issue.

Other Hardware Issues

Printer Wont Print

When there is an issue with the printer mainboard, it can result in the printer not printing. Not only that, it can also damage the print head resulting in the printer not being able to print. Besides, if it is connected using a USB port and the computer doesn’t detect it, then it could be the power not reaching the printer circuit.

Above shared are some of the reasons for the printer not responding or not printing and if it is any kind of power circuit issue, it is better to take it to an authorised service centre.

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