The Benefits Of Selecting HostSailor Dedicated Server Hosting

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by Carlo Dach

In dedicated web hosting, a website runs on a single physical server. The computing resources of the physical system are exclusively allotted to that site alone, hence the name ‘dedicated hosting’. HostSailor is a popular web hosting company that provides this service. The company is in Dubai, but it offers to host services to customers around the world.

The web host is very reliable and offers a wide variety of packages for its global clientele, so it is popular among all sorts of customers. When it comes to dedicated server hosting, the web host has many feature-rich plans for you to pick from. The prices of these packages differ by the number of features on offer, but they start at around $70 a month. Now, let us look at some features that make it one of the best-dedicated hosting providers out there.

Superior Security And Performance

Selecting a web host that guarantees as much uptime as possible for your site is a good idea. HostSailor’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is backed by a service level agreement, and it confirms that your site of yours stays functioning always. The dedicated server is ideal for websites that see a considerable inflow of traffic because it offers more reliability and stability as compared to other hosting services.

By buying a HostSailor server with resources allocated exclusively to your website, you confirm that it is unaffected by spammers or malicious websites. With HostSailor’s dedicated hosting, you will not have to think too much about situations like any other site clogging up this physical system’s resources. Upticks in the usage of bandwidth or bad scripts that run on a different site are not going to slow it.


The service enables you the ability to change this server to suit your requirements regarding memory, storage space, and so forth. The Dubai-based hosting service provider lets you do it according to your needs, whether these are more RAM, greater drive space, or more than one CPU.

It enables you access to a hosting environment that can be customized and that suits your needs. By choosing it as your hosting provider, you will have further control over the way in which the server is set up.

Gives You Your Own IP Address

Every single dedicated server will have an Internet Protocol address exclusively allotted to it. It is particularly significant for a website to have a secure sockets layer certificate for things such as credit card transaction processing. The company also offers a certificate to the hosting customers.

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