HostSailor VPS Service: A Cheap Way to Have Your Website Functioning

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Carlo Dach

HostSailor is a website hosting service provider that offers both affordable and high-end services. The company’s relatively cheaper solution is VPS hosting. This service can help take your site to another level – let us find out how it can help your online business ambitions.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

In such a web hosting environment, a website is stored on a physical server alongside other websites to make it accessible over the internet. Even though every website shares the machine, since a certain amount of bandwidth and memory is allotted to each one in the virtual environment, no one site will be made weaker by the activities on another.

Virtualization technology is used to split the main physical server into smaller ones, where each site can be hosted. Your hosting provider uses three different technologies to divide the physical web server: XEN, KVM, and OpenVZ.

Why Go for HostSailor’s VPS Hosting Service

HostSailor VPS package subscribers will get “superuser” level access, which enables them to install/remove programs, configure permissions, and change their server environment to suit their requirements.

The company was started back in 2014 with a goal to be a provider of quality VPS hosting services. Although they offer dedicated and shared solutions, they are often regarded as the best VPS hosting provider. One of the reasons for this is that the web host offers scalable packages under their virtual private hosting service as well.

This means you can scale up your existing package when your online business gets bigger. Usually, that growth comes with a requirement for additional server capacity. As your package is scalable, you will not have to bother about moving your site to a different system. Instead, you only have to upgrade the existing resources because your demands dictate that.

Another unique aspect of HostSailor’s VPS hosting is the website loading speed. The web host is convinced that your site load speed will not be compromised when you use this service. They do what they promise as many speed tests have shown that it is quicker compared to VPS offered by most other service providers.

Another great thing is that you do not have to sign a contract to become a VPS subscriber. This will suit you well if you are the sort of customer that does not like to have commitments.

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