Why Should You Use Only HP Cartridges For Your HP Printer?

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Carlo Dach

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Printing is a complex yet simple process. It is sophisticated inside and easy to use on the outside. A printer is made up of complex hardware with intrinsic care given to details. It runs on different premium software. Each brand and type of printer has something different in it that makes it unique. The most appropriate example is the HP printer. Being known to be world-class, HP printers have created a benchmark for other printers. However, to obtain the maximum print quality the printer can provide, you need to use the right cartridge.

You might be wondering what makes a cartridge“the one”? The answer to this is pretty simple. Use HP cartridges for HP printers as the company says. This makes printing easy for the printer and also gives us the best prints. The use of a poorer-quality cartridge might be the reason why your HP printer is not printing properly.

What Does Cartridge Have To Do With Your HP Printer Not Printing Properly?

Printing, in this case, depends on the HP printer and the ink. Most HP printers have the ink cartridge and the print head in one disposable element. This means that if you use a cartridge with “bad” ink you will not damage the print head. The printer will simply send the disposable cartridge electrical signals and the cartridge will both supply the ink and also jet it onto the paper through the disposable print head. For a printer of this type, an inkjet printer with a combination ink supply and print head, there is little problem using a non-HP ink cartridge.

If you are using an HP printer with a separate ink cartridge and print head, then bad ink could clog the print lines and/or ruin the print head. This can be a costly repair.

If you are using an HP Laser printer then non-HP toner can muck it up and lower the print quality. You would have to get the printer cleaned and buy new cartridges.

HP Printer Not Printing

HP Printer Not Printing

Many makers of ink and toner have great quality ink and toner cartridges. Some of them have recommended using their higher quality compatible ink with printers and also found 90% or more of them to be as good as the ink from HP.

Before you buy a cartridge for your HP printer, check the reviews of the companies and their ratings on Amazon and make sure you have a money-back guarantee. In the few instances when issues regarding the cartridge were noticed, manufacturers returned the money or replaced the default product. However, it is better to not take a risk and ruin your HP printer.

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