Adopting Green Printing Practices in the Workplace

Last Updated on May 14, 2022 by Carlo Dach

It is common for businesses to want to the cut down on expenses where possible. Printer expenses are one of the things, which can drag the profit margin down from where it is supposed to be, especially if you have many employees constantly trying to figure out how to fix a printer that wont print. Following are some ways you can offset operational costs by making a greener office.

Using Compatible Consumables

This means you should use compatible toner cartridges, refill kits, and other consumables for the printer. It can drastically cut down the expenses you have on repairing the printer. Additionally, compatible consumables cost only around half as much as their OEM counterparts.

Printing on Reverse

When you make photocopies, they usually only serve as duplicates for reports and files. These will generally be stored or thrown out, so there is no need to use new printer paper. Reuse the paper already printed on.

Turning off Equipment When it Isn’t Being Used

Remember to switch off the office printer when you are going out for lunch or for fieldwork. Doing this will save on power consumption, as well as let your equipment take a breather, which is good.

Buying Supplies in Bulk

When buying supplies for the office, it is almost always better to buy in bulk. This is because you will get the supplies for cheaper, as well as be able to save on frequent freight charges.


2 Adopting Green Printing Practices in the Workplace

Make Green Printing Official

If your printer makes funny noises or starts getting buggy, it is best to get repair done. There may be times when all it takes to get it back on track are a few simple troubleshooting steps, so always start with those. Make sure that your employees have basic knowhow on fixing a simple breakdown. If at all you need a technician to come check it out, make sure that is cheaper than buying a new printer.

Make Green Printing Official

Apply green printing policies in the workplace. This way, all employees will be obliged to follow the new rules.

Encourage Those That Step Up

If you reward people for being enthusiastic about green printing practices, you can slowly push others to follow in the same steps. It is also good for employees to know that their smallest efforts are appreciated.

Green practices are not the only way to cut down costs but they are a start. As far as the printer is concerned, buy a compatible toner cartridge for equal page yield and quality.

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