Commonly Found Problems in Laser Printers

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1 Commonly Found Problems in Laser Printers

Like the majority of mechanical devices, laser printers also fail sometimes and give unexpected results. This might cause an interruption in your work. Hence, it is important to have a good idea regarding the cause of these troubles and the ways to resolve them. This will help you get on with the work without much of an interruption. Below is a discussion regarding the different reasons why the laser printers become faulty and the methods to complete a successful canon printer repair.

Print Quality Problems

There are various issues that occur to laser printers regularly. These are very easy to solve and are given below:

Fuzzy Print

Most pages come with fuzzy letters, print, or graphics. These might not be as clean and sharp as expected. In such issues, the problem lies with the paper and not the printer. The fuzzy print is usually made due to the slight dampness of the paper you use. Paper has the property of absorbing moisture from the atmosphere if there is a presence of moisture in the surrounding environment. Besides, it could also happen from exposing the paper to the open for long periods. Hence, it is recommended to use freshly bought paper or paper that is well preserved inside proper covering, to get rid of the issue.

Fuzzy/Faint White Lines

Sometimes, the page has the presence of fuzzy white line along with it. In these areas, the print would be absent or very faint. This is commonly caused by a transfer corotron. This component might be dirty which causes the fuzzy lines. You have to open the printer and take a good look at the transfer corotron for any presence of dust or particles of toner.

The presence of these will end up disturbing the electrostatic field surrounding the corotron. As a result, the toner does not get pulled from the photoreceptor to the paper. You may follow the instructions given in the manual to clean the corotron. Note that the majority of the small printers can be repaired by simply wiping them with a cotton bud. You can also use a special corotron cleaning tool for this purpose. Remember that Corotron wires are highly delicate. Hence use the cleaning cloth or tool gently to prevent it from breaking.

Sharp White Lines

In case there are clearly-visible white lines from the top to bottom of the pages where there is no print, it is most probably caused by a blockage within the developer unit. This would prevent a small region on the developer roller from getting the toner. The developer roller usually has blades just on top and the bottom of this component. This is responsible for scraping off the excess toner. Further, a small heap of damp toner could block the existing gap between one of the developer rollers and the blades.

If you can, check the developer roller for the presence of a line with no toner. Certain printers may be prone to this issue. These supply a cleaning tool which can slide between the developer roller and the blade. Follow the instructions given in the user manual clearly.

Variable Print Density across the Page

There might be several reasons behind the printing of wrong print density across the page.

Usually, if the toner is low on stock, it may not be able to offer a free flow like the full toner hopper. This means that certain areas of the page may receive less toner than the remaining ones. This creates a fluctuation in print density along with the page. The best way to solve this issue is to refill the toner hopper. In case the printer is using a print cartridge, remove it from the printer. Shake it from one side to the other five times to spread the toner within the cartridge.

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Furan unequal level of printer. Make sure that the printer is positioned horizontally. If this ther, if one side of the page is lighter than the other every time, there might be the issue of is not the case, the toner may be subject to movement to one side of the toner hopper. You can agitate the toner cartridge or toner hopper to spread the toner evenly.

Sometimes, the unequal density of print is caused by a source of light that may be present on one side of the printer housing. Note that the majority of the printers are not light proof. Hence, if they are placed very close to a window or a lamp, there might be a leak in place. This may affect the photoreceptor. It is advisable to move the printer to a darker location away from the light source.

Variable Print Density Down the Page

If the print density changes as you move down the page, this may be caused by the presence of dirt in the roller. Make sure these are cleaned very carefully to restore the original print density.

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