How To Troubleshoot E09 And P10 Canon Printer Error?

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Canon printers are one of the most popular manufacturers of printers because they provide high quality prints,and amazing features at an affordable price. Like any other printer, even these are prone to malfunction or errors due to the presence of mechanical components in it. Many of these problems are indicated in the form error codes and knowing them will help to fix the pertaining issue. You can either fix them yourself or seek the assistance of canon printer repair service. E09 and P10 errors are very common issues in canon printers and shared below are solutions to troubleshoot it.

Canon Printer Error E09

What Is Error E09?

There can be multiple reasons for Canon printer error E09 and it is displayed when there is a problem with the ink cartridge. Majority of time this happens when the printer is not able to recognize the ink cartridge. This can be because the new ink cartridge that you installed is wrapped with tape or material for protection, and when it is not properly removed the printer cannot recognize it.

How To Solve Error E09?

First, you check if there is any tape surrounding the cartridge and if there is any, remove it. After that, replace the cartridge in its appropriate slot and see if the problem is resolved. In most cases, this should fix the problem. In case the problem still persists, contact canon printer repair service for fixing it.

Canon Printer Error P10

What Is Error P10?

P10 is a common Canon printer error that occurs due to paper jams and it can also happen when there is no paper. Usually, the manual provided with the particular model will have a detailed guideline to fix paper jam issues with the device. You can also look for troubleshooting steps by searching it online on the official website.

How To Solve Error P10?

To solve the issue first turn off the printer by pressing the power button, now press and hold the printer’s reset button. After that, hold the power button but release the stop or reset button; press the power button twice and release it. Repeat it again and see if the Canon printer Error P10 is removed. If it is not resolved, turn off the printer and check the paper tray to see if there is any paper jam; if there is any issue, then you have to remove it. For this you gently pull out the paper in the direction of the paper path until it is completely removed. After removing the jammed paper from the tray, try printing a document to see if the printer is ok.

These are the troubleshooting solutions for two common errors that make the Canon printer wont print.

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