How To Know It Is Time To Replace The Printer?

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Carlo Dach

If you have been using printers for a very long time you know that after a few years they start to malfunction and it is very common. This is because they are electronic devices with many mechanical components and are bound to fail. Usually, when the printer won’t print it displays error codes and there are different codes for different issues. In some minor cases you can fix at home and in other cases it is better to take it to an authorized service center. But, if it is very old, better to replace with a new one as repairing would cost you a lot. How can you tell when to replace the printer?

The Printer Is Unable To Meet Your Requirements

The primary purpose of any stand alone printer is printing, and in the case of all in ones they copy, scan or even fax. It is time to replace the printer if the page yield is not up to your requirement, stops functioning either completely or partially, the paper holding capacity is less than your growing need etc. The page yield of the printer does not change, and what was once fine may not meet your current demand. In certain cases, it can be fixed by using toner or ink cartridges that give a higher page yield.

The Performance Is Unsatisfactory

Sometimes, your requirement grows and you would require a printer that prints fast. Slow print speed can be either due to it being an older model or an indicator that the internal components are failing. In many cases, old or failing parts cause print blemishes and it can be due to faulty ink or toner cartridges. But, if it persists even after replacing them, then it is better to replace the printer.

The Model Is Outdated

Just like any other electronic devices print technology also advances providing new capabilities such as higher print speeds, automatic double sided printing, scanning, wireless printing etc. One of the big disadvantages of using an old printer is, replacing old parts can be expensive and difficult. It is better to replace the printer if it is more than five years old. Also, as it gets older it becomes harder to get the toner or ink cartridges.

Printer Component Breakdown

The most important indicator that says it is time to replace the printer is when it begins to malfunction. There are many signs, and some can be easily fixed while others not so easily. For example, you will hear clicking or grinding sounds and it can be due to a loose gear or roller.

So better than asking “Why is my printer not printing?” for old printers understand that these are indicators that it is time to buy a new printer.

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