Different Canon Printer Error Codes

Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by Lilian Brooker

Those who use Canon printer know that issues come up very often, and they can be either software or hardware related. If you take it to a service center for canon printer repair they will mention the complaint as printer error code. So, it is important to know and understand different error codes. Listed below is a compilation of canon printer error codes.

E13, 16: This error code indicates that the ink cartridge has run out or is empty. It can be fixed by replacing it with a new cartridge that is compatible with the specific printer model.

U162, 163: This error code indicates that the ink cartridges are empty. If this appears even after replacing the cartridges, you can troubleshoot it by pressing the STOP/RESUME/RESET button for 10 seconds. By doing it, you are letting the printer know that you are aware of the issue and that you want to print anyway. Once, the above procedure is completed you can print normally.

1686, 1688: The printer ink cartridge has run out of ink and you have to replace it immediately.

E04: The printer cartridge is installed incorrectly and you have to fix the issue. For this first, you have to pull back the output tray extension and then open the cover. Then, you remove the cartridges and reinstall correctly by pushing them in until you hear the clicking sound. Now, close the cover and resume printing.

E05: When this error code appears, an orange light will blink 5 times and it indicates that either the print head is not at all installed or installed incorrectly.

E14: When this error code appears, it causes an orange light to blink 14 times and indicates that the ink cartridge is not supported by the printer. This can also happen when you buy an ink cartridge for the printer that was sold in a different region.E15: This error code appears when the ink cartridge is not recognized by the printer. It can be resolved by opening the cover and ensuring that the cartridge is inserted properly.


1486, 1487: This error code indicates that the ink cartridge is installed in the wrong position. It is solved by checking the cartridge codes and re-installing it.

E07: This error code will appear when you have incorrectly installed a cannon tricolor ink cartridge. Besides, only original canon ink cartridges will display this message. So, to avoid this you have to install the 2 types of cartridges in their appropriate slots.

These are some of the printer error codes that are displayed when your Canon printer won’t print. If you have an idea about these error codes, you might be able to fix some of them on your own. Happy printing!

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