How To Resolve Chrome Printer Won’t Print Issue?

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by Carlo Dach

Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used web browser in the world because of the host of features and security that it offers to its users. However, like any browser, it can also cause issues like not being able to print from Chrome or the printer not responding to print command from the browser. So, the purpose of this article is to resolve this issue, and shared below are steps to do it, read on to know more.

How To Fix Issues When Printing From Chrome?

Method 1: Uninstall Chrome After Deleting The Local Browsing History

This is done by doing the following steps.

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the menu button i.e. three dots at the top right corner, on the menu go to “Settings” and select it. In the next section under “Privacy and security” click on “Clear browsing data”.
  • In the “Clear browsing data” section adjacent to “Time range” select “All time”, then check the boxes for Browsing history, Cached images and files, and Cookies and other site data. Next click “CLEAR DATA”. When the deleting process is complete close Google Chrome.
  • Press Windows key + R and open the Run Command dialog box, type in “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter.
  • The Program and Features window is opened, in it scroll down to Google Chrome, right-click and in the menu select Uninstall.
  • If the message for deleting local browser history of Google Chrome appears, select Accept followed by Next.
  • After you have completely uninstalled Chrome, restart your computer.
  • After switching on the computer, download and install the newest version of Google Chrome.

Method 2: Delete Unused Printers

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the menu button i.e. three dots on the top right corner and in the menu go to “Settings”.
  • In the “Settings” section scroll down to the bottom and select “Advanced”. Scroll down to Printing and click on “Google Cloud Print”.
  • In the “Google Cloud Print” section click on “Manage Cloud Print devices”, press “Manage” adjacent to printers that are not used now and click “Delete” to delete unwanted printers.
  • Now there is only one active printer, restart the computer and open Google Chrome to see if the printer not responding to Chrome browser print command is resolved.

Method 3: The Shortcut Method

If the printer won’t print to print command form Google Chrome, an easier method is to use the combination “CTRL + SHIFT + P” as it will temporarily solve the issue.

We hope that the aforementioned instructions will help to resolve printing issues related to the Google Chrome browser.

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