Laser or Inkjet; which is the Right Option

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Carlo Dach

At some point, most printer users may debate about whether to choose an inkjet printer or a laser printer. If you are also in such a dilemma, the first thing that you must understand is the purpose of both these options. An inkjet printer uses ink, as the name indicates, and is ideal for low volume printing. In fact, inkjet printers are conventional options for home users. On the other hand, a laser printer uses toner for printing and is mainly used for high-volume printing jobs. Hence, laser printers are mainly used for office purposes. This shall solve your predicament to an extent. Besides, you may do a brief comparison between the pros and cons of both inkjet and laser printers for better clarity and, thereby, to reach a conclusion.

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Inkjet Printers


  • Inkjet printers are the conventional option and they are mainly designed for home users. Additionally, these printers are relatively small and lightweight making it an ideal option for people who value space saving.
  • When it comes to blending and creating vibrant colored printouts, inkjet printers are better when compared to laser printers. So, people mainly rely on this option for printing image-heavy documents.
  • Relatively cheaper when compared to laser printers.
  • Does not require warm-up time.
  • Can do printing on a wide range of papers including textured art paper, fabrics, glossy photo paper, etc.
  • Can trim down the printing expenses by using ink refill kits.
  • Can print on larger-sized papers.


  • An inkjet cartridge can print only on a few hundred papers. Hence, a regular user will have to repurchase a number of cartridges making the entire printing process a bit expensive.
  • The paper trays can accommodate only 50 to 100 sheets making it a frustrating affair for a user who prints a lot.
  • Slow printing when compared to laser printers.
  • Monthly duty cycle is low.

Laser Printers


  • Most laser printers are much faster than their inkjet counterparts. This will be a huge attraction for high volume users.
  • Features sharp text. So, this will be the right option for you if you need a high volume printer and mostly concentrate on text documents.
  • High monthly duty cycle.
  • A single laser printer cartridge will be enough to print around thousands of papers. Hence, this will be an ideal option in the long run for high volume printing


  • It will be hard to print complex photos and images.
  • Most of the laser printers are heavier and bigger when compared to inkjet printers.
  • The upfront cost is comparatively higher.

Overall, you may choose a printer depending on the points such as what do you print, your printing budget, how often will you print, etc. Note that while inkjet printers cater to small volume image-heavy printing jobs, a laser printer will be your way to go if you focus on high-volume text-based documents.

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