The Effect Of Temperature On Printer Ink Cartridge

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Printers are one of the most widely sold PC peripherals, they are used by both home and office users. These devices are meant to give the best performance such that it speeds up the workflow of a workplace. However, because of the high amount of mechanical, electronic, and other essential components they do often fail. One such issue is the high temperature of ink and the printer won’t print due to it. This usually happens due to improper storage and thereby the temperature affecting the ink quality. Read on to know the effect of temperature on printer ink.

The Effect Of Temperature On Ink Cartridges

Temperature affects the properties of liquid and this is also true for printer ink. One of the biggest issues when it comes to the proper storage of ink cartridges is heat, it causes the air bubbles in the ink to expand and cause leakage. Using such an ink cartridge inside a printer can damage the device and cause printer not responding issues. So, when you buy printer ink cartridges ensure that you store them in a proper environment to avoid damage.

Storing Printer Ink Cartridge

Always ensure that you store printer ink cartridges in rooms where the temperature is between 20 to 29 degrees. Those who buy ink cartridges in bulk to save money like small businesses, tend to store them in the basement or garages. This will either dry up the ink due to the higher temperature or ruin the dye coloring of the ink because of increased humidity levels. In the second case, the humid condition will separate the dye of the ink and this results in poor print quality due to poor ink. The best solution will be to store the ink cartridges inside vacuum-sealed containers so that you can reduce exposure to air, as well as moisture.

The chemicals used in the manufacturing of printer ink have characteristics similar to those used for making antifreeze. So, the quality of ink won’t be affected by cold and in case if you find a cartridge with frozen ink, it can be warmed up and used again. This will not affect the dye inside, but you must be mindful of the frozen cartridge doing damage to the printer.

Printer Ink Inside Printer

Printer Won’t Print

Ink cartridges inside the printer are in an ink-friendly environment. But, if you use a cartridge that was carelessly stored, then the issues mentioned earlier will be amplified, damaging the printer, causing paper jams, damaging printer heads, etc. Also, neglected ink cartridges inside the printer can also cause issues.

On a final note, improper care or negligence can damage printer ink cartridges due to the environmental temperature and the printer won’t print. So, you should keep this in mind when buying them in bulk.

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