How To Fix Faint Print Problems

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Carlo Dach

My Printer Is Not Printing

Faint print or faded text is a commonly found problem associated with all printers. Most people will think that this is because of thelower levels of ink or toner. Sometimes this assumption will be right.However, this problem can occur even if there is enough ink in your printer. In this case, there might be some other problems associated with your printer that is causing it to print faint or faded text. Therefore, through this article, we list some of the steps you can do for fixing this issue. If you are wondering why is my printer not printingproperly, these steps might help you to fix it.

Low Ink And Toner Levels

This is the first thing you have to check if your printer is not printing properly. Faded text might be a result of your cartridges running low. You can check this easily on your PC by visiting the printer properties/cartridge status on your control panel. This will help you to know the amount of ink or toner present in the cartridges, and whether they are causing this issue.

Toner Sticking To The Fuser Roller

Fuser is an important part of your laser printer that heats the toner powder thereby causing it to stick and seal the paper for creating a print. Sometimes toner can get stuck to the upper roller of the fuser. This could be the problem associated with your printer if you see a ghosted image of the print out somewhere else on your page.

This could be a solution for people who think that why my printer is not printing properly. For finding out if this is the issue associated with your printer, remove your fuser unit and check for the presence of toner stuck to the upper roller. If it does, then it is better to replace it with a new one for retrieving the efficiency of your printer.

A Low Ink/Toner Density Setting

Why Is My Printer Not Printing

Some printers will allow you to adjust the density settings of the ink and toner. Sometimes, it might have set as low by default. Therefore, if your printer has ink/toner density settings, you can find it when you click on your printer in “Devices & Printers”. If you find the density is set low, then increase it slightly and try printing again.

These are some of the common problems associated with your printer if it prints faint or faded text. These steps can be helpful for people who are thinking why is my printer not printing in proper colors.

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