Solving HP Printing Issues after a Windows 10 Upgrade

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Carlo Dach

Upgrading to Windows 10 can bring a slew of problems you never had to deal with before, such as bugs, widespread and frequent incompatibility, and relative sluggishness if you came over from using Windows 7. You have probably grown used to the inferior quality of Microsoft’s latest OS by now. However, the problematic nature of the OS can seep into other areas, such as the functioning of your HP printer.

Windows 10 printing issues are infamous for getting in the way of serious work, although most of these can be resolved with a few troubleshooting steps. Below are a few steps that can help you tackle HP printing issues in Windows 10.

Make Sure All Windows Updates are Installed

If your system has been downloading and installing an update, make sure that got completed. This includes software and drivers, which are important when you are dealing with a printer issue. If an update has failed to install or download, it may show up as technical issues in your printer. See that all vital drivers have been updated, so that the connected devices can function seamlessly with the PC.

Check the Print Spooler Service

  • Head to Services. Here, check to see if the spooler service is running.
  • If the service shows as ON but is not working, try stopping and restarting it.
  • Ensure the spooler service is in active mode.

Reinstall the HP Printer Driver

If the above methods failed to solve your Windows 10 printing issues, the next thing to do is uninstall and reinstall the printer software and driver.

  • Head to Start, and open Control Panel.
  • Inside Control Panel, find, select and uninstall the HP printer software. Remove it completely form the PC.
  • Reinstall the software by opening the installer file and following the wizard prompts.
  • When on it, reinstall the drivers one by one, ensuring that you are setting up the ones compatible with the OS version.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP provides a software tool with its printers, which you can use to troubleshoot pertinent issues. It is called HP Print and Scan Doctor, and the latest version can be downloaded online for free. Whatever the problem you may be facing, this software will hopefully solve it.

If the above methods failed to solve your Windows 10 printing issues, call 844-203-1881 for advanced technical support. Our team of certified experts can pinpoint the reason behind the HP printer issue and solve it in minimal time.

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